Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quick Progress Report

Just a quick progress report on Patrick and Savannah.

Savannah continues to eat and digest all of her food even with the daily increases that she is receiving. She is now eating on a regular schedule of on for 1.5 hours and then off for 1.5 hours so she receives 8 meals over the course of a 24 hour period. She also continues to gain weight and is now at 1410 grams or 3 lb 1.75 ounces. When she reaches 1500 grams, they will allow us to finally put clothes on her so hopefully that will be in the next few days. The majority of time that we spend with her she is sleeping but she is always as adorable as can be. April will be spending some time with her this afternoon for their 2nd session of Kangaroo Care which I know April is looking forward to. Finally, Savannah received her 2nd brain scan yesterday to determine if the Grade 1 bleed in her brain has resolved itself. We will have the official results today and have been praying that this issue has passed.

As for Patrick, he is becoming quite the attention getter. All of the nurses love him and think that he is the cutest thing that they have seen. We have been told that he gets a constant stream of nurses that like to look in on him, which is fine with us. Patrick has also been gaining weight and has gained about 200 grams since birth. He now weighs 850 grams or 1 lb 14 ounces and we will be celebrating when he reaches the 2 lb mark. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Patrick began feeding on milk over the weekend and has been doing well at it. He started receiving 1 ML per 12 hours but is now up to 2 ML every 3 hours and that will most likely increase over the next few days as well. Patrick's intestines and digestive system are still developing and that is why the doctors are taking such a slow and deliberate approach to his feedings. As long as he continues to make progress the doctors will continue to increase the amount and frequency of food that he receives.

Both Patrick and Savannah continue to breathe on their own which still amazes me every day. They are both little fighters and I can not wait until the day that we can hold them in our arms and shower them with kisses.

I will update this later today once we have the results from the brain scan.

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