Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Savannah's first Easter egg hunt & more

Well, it has been a while since we updated our blog so I will attempt to catch us up.

Our last post was Nov. 30th and that was little Patrick's first angel-versary. We spent the day together as a family and celebrated our little boy. We planted a beautiful magnolia tree (this is little Patrick's tree) and have plans to make that area of our yard more of a garden/oasis and maybe put an angel statue as well. Some people have asked if we buried little Patrick's ashes with the tree, we did not. We have his ashes in a beautiful urn placed on our mantle which happens to be Savannah's play room/family room.

We celebrated Christmas with the Emrich's, Kruck's & Chatterton's and did our normal mad dash to visit as many people as possible. Savannah just took in all the commotion. Chris, Laurie & Aidan came home for the holidays as well as Rebecca. Savannah did have a New Year's resolution this year "no more bottles in 2010 & beyond" so Savannah had her last bottle of milk New Year's eve night and that was that, no more bottles!! YEAH SAVANNAH ;)

After the Christmas holidays I started watching a little girl (at our house) 3 days a week. Her name is Carsyn and she is 2 months younger than Savannah. I have enjoyed watching Savannah & Carsyn's friendship blossom, at first they didn't seem to care about each other but now they have a great time playing and learning how to share. Now when they see each other their faces light up.

Savannah started walking at 15 months, around Feb. 10th. We have video of her walking, however for some reason the blog will not upload the video (the video is on Facebook for those of you on Facebook)....I will try to post some other videos later. Savannah is a "toe" walker, meaning she looks like she has on invisible high heels. It amazes me how she can walk on her toes, her little calves are developing fast. Of course, I asked her pediatrician about this toe-walking and he assured me she will grow out of it. She can walk flat footed and at times she does, but when she wants to really move she goes up on her toes and off she goes.

We just celebrated Easter, this was Savannah's 2nd Easter however last year she was so little. We woke up early so we could attend 7:30 A.M mass with Patrick's' parents. After mass we had breakfast with Patrick's parents at their house, yummy french toast. We then headed home so Savannah could nap and then headed to my Buddy's (my maternal grandfather) for our Easter celebration with my family (Patrick's parents also came over). At Buddy's we had a big gathering and that is where Savannah participated in her very first Easter egg hunt. It was so fun to see her walk around and pick up the eggs (plastic eggs), of course had to shake each one to make sure something was inside and then she would place or throw them in her basket. It was a beautiful day in Tampa and we enjoyed spending the day celebrating Jesus' resurrection and the wonderful family we have.

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