Monday, November 3, 2008

False Alarm and The Gunslinger

Wow, three hours later and we are back in our room and away from Labor & Delivery (L&D).

Apparently, the new doctor that April saw for the first time today is a little on edge and quite the gunslinger. Within five minutes of her checking in on April around 6:30 or so, she had me convinced that we were going to be delivering two babies sometime this evening.

Prior to leaving for L&D, the nurse hooked April up to an IV to provide her with some additional fluids and gave her a shot of Tributaline which is used to help stop any contractions that she may be having.

Once we arrived in L&D, the nurse hooked April up to the monitor to track Little P's and Savannah's heart beats as well as to track any contractions that April may be having. As usual, the babies were doing great and showing awesome heart rates. As for contractions, they were non-existent.

About an hour after we went down to L&D, another doctor that April has been working with for the entire pregnancy came in to check on her and take a look at the monitor. After a brief conversation, the doctor suggested that everything was fine and that April can be released back to her normal room upstairs. So here we are. April just got finished eating and is glad to be back in HER room and back to her familiar surroundings.

We do realize that the babies could come at any time and we are prepared for that but we are praying that they can stay inside of April for at least 10 more days. In 10 days, we will hit the 32 week mark and that is a major milestone.

Thanks for checking in and have a good night.

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