Monday, November 17, 2008

Kangaroo Care.......Finally

Today was a pretty cool day. First, we received word that Savannah is now over 3 lb which is a nice little milestone. Secondly, the doctor also told us that Patrick has tolerated his feeds over the past few days so they are increasing the frequency with which he is fed. He is now receiving 1 ML every four hours and that amount will most likely increase soon as long as he continues to digest his food.

Finally, April and Savannah had some true mother/daughter time as April got to hold Savannah for one full hour. This practice is called Kangaroo Care and April held Savannah to her chest skin on skin and just soaked it all up for a good 60 minutes. April's smile was bigger than words can describe. This method is supposed to be very therapeutic for both April and Savannah and I am sure that is was.

Below is a picture of April holding Savannah during their Kangaroo Care and then a picture of Patrick which was also taken today.

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Pvtbenj said...

How exciting - yeah for all of you!!