Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blog Addiction & A Good Day

April seems to think that I am now addicted to this blog and she may be onto something considering that I should be sleeping instead of blogging:)

I have been wanting to start this blog for a while and am glad that I have but wish that I would have started it sooner so I could have truly captured the miracle that is currently taking place in April & I's life. Over the past few days, I have been wondering if this blog would even exist if April had a "normal" pregnancy without any complications, but I cannot say for sure that it would.

This blog has given me an easy and efficient way to communicate everything that is taking place on a daily basis but more importantly it has provided me with a sense of calmness and comfort. I enjoy and take pleasure in writing about my incredible wife and future children and am looking forward to being able to read this in the coming months and years and reflect on everything that we have overcame.

Onto the day's events. April felt much better today (Wednesday) and overall it was a great day. The two tracings that we had to monitor the babies went perfect and both Patrick and Savannah showed good accelerations in their heartbeats as expected.

On Tuesday evening, the nurses drew some blood from April because they were concerned with possible preeclampsia but the results came back negative. This will be an area that is closely monitored for the remainder of the pregnancy because preeclampsia can be harmful to both April and the babies.

Overall, today was a very successful day and we are glad that we have had another day for Patrick and Savannah to continue to grow and get stronger.

As of this writing, we are officially 31 weeks so I am psyched. One more week to our next major milestone.

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