Thursday, December 11, 2008

Welcome Home Savannah!!!!

Finally, Savannah is home.

After 35 days in the NICU, the doctors released our precious little girl to us last night around 6:30 and we made the long drive home. To say that last night was a surreal experience is an understatement. April & I were filled with a mix of emotions ranging from shock (that they were actually letting us leave with her) to excitement to nervousness as well as the emotions that we are still dealing with from the events of last week.

Once we got her home and settled, the night went as well as can be expected. Fortunately, the time spent in the NICU allowed Savannah to get on somewhat of a routine. She is eating about every 3.5 to 4 hours and then sleeping for most of the other time. April and I tried to sleep when she did but any noise that she made was thoroughly investigated only to find her still asleep but just moving around.

We are keeping track of everything you can think of (temperature, feedings, diaper changes, etc...) on a make shift chart. I am almost positive that at some point in the near future I will need a chart to track all of the different charts that we have going:)

Savannah weighted 4 lb 5 ounces when she was released to us yesterday which is a total weight gain of 26 ounces or 1Lb 10 ounces. Tomorrow we have her first pediatric appointment which should be interesting.

Below is a somewhat recent picture of Savannah and we will have more to come in a day or two.


Laurie said...

That's the best news. I was so shocked and thrilled when I heard last night. I'm hoping and praying for smooth sailing ahead;)

Cindy said...

Oh my God! That's the first thing that came to mind! How wonderful!I'm sure you are adjusting to those sleepless nights(just the first of many to come) but how exciting and I'm sure scary too. Good luck,enjoy all those firsts! I know you told me she might be coming home soon, but I was still so pleasantly surprised. Good luck with your precious baby girl!

LuvMyKiddos3 said...

Savannah is sooooo beautiful! Just like her brother and parents. Beautiful, inside and out. Congratulations on being able to take her home, I will pray all goes smoothly and that little Savannah continues to grow and thrive. Give her a tiny hug from me!

Ruth Anne in Oregon

Pvtbenj said...

We are so glad she is home with you guys!!!! We can't wait to meet her someday!! Lots of love and prayer!!

~The Benjamins