Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Savannah's First Doctor Appointment

Last Friday, April & I took Savannah to her first appointment with the pediatrician. This doctor was recommended to us by more than one person and we have heard nothing but good things about him so we are looking forward to building a relationship with him in the years to come. With that being said, we did have to wait a little over an hour before seeing the doctor which was disappointing but he assured us that the long wait was not the norm. We will see if that is the case at our next appointment.

On to the good stuff.....Savannah gained about three ounces in the two days that she was home with us so her official weight last Friday was 4 lbs and 8 ounces. The doctor listened to her heart and completed an overall physical and everything looked good to him. He answered all of the questions that we had and put us at ease a little bit about the stuffed up nose that she had. He said that this was common for infants because they are laying on their back so much and as long as she is not running a fever and can continue to eat that everything is fine. Savannah is accomplishing these two things without a problem.

The doctor also discussed with us how fragile Savannah's immune system is due to how small and premature she is. Although she was born almost 6 weeks ago, we also have to remember that she was born 9 weeks premature so in theory, her gestational age is 36 weeks and 5 days. Her original due date was January 8, 2009.

The doctor also instructed us to keep everyone away from her including friends and family. For the time being, only April and I are touching her or are around her. Our family is going to have to be patient with us in this regard and know that everything we are doing is for her health and safety. As the doctor said "Savannah is finally out of the hospital and this is for good. We do not want her going back." If she catches a cold, it can be very serious so thank you in advance to everyone for being so understanding.

Currently, Savannah is eating on average every 4 hours but the doctor said that she can eat every 2.5 to 5 hours if she is hungry. At this point, the doctor would like to see Savannah gain 3/4 to an ounce every day and we will be bringing her back every Friday so they can check her weight to make sure that she is gaining what she needs to.

April is doing an awesome job of taking care of Savannah and is enjoying all of the little faces and noises that she makes throughout the day. I knew that she was going to be a phenomenal mom but she continues to amaze me every day.

Thank you to everyone for all of the supportive emails and cards that we have received. We truly appreciate it.


Meisenbach Twins said...

Congratulations on bringing your baby girl home!!! :)

So, glad to hear that she is gaining weight so fast. Keep her away from all those bad germs out there. The twins went back into the hospital at 5 weeks because they got a really bad virus. No fun there.

Have a great weekend! And we cant wait to hear what her weight will be next friday. Im guessing 5lbs 4oz. :)


Meisenbach Twins said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I spoke to Dr. De last Friday and he told me to tell you that he had Savannah on the prayer list at Saint Tim's He sends his best to you and your family. And to tell you Merry Christmas!