Monday, December 1, 2008

Remembering Patrick--Our Little Doodlebug

Last night, April and I held Patrick for the last time as he has passed away and is now in heaven keeping God company.

Patrick's passing was very unexpected and April and I are deeply saddened and words can not explain the hurt and pain that we feel. The past 25 days with Patrick have been so amazing. He brought tremendous joy and love into our lives and we could not imagine him not being born. We will never forget the time that we had with him.

While we are in mourning we are also thankful for the short time that he was on earth. There are many couples that do not have the ability to get pregnant or to have children. There are also many families that lose their children at birth or shortly after. April and I were blessed enough to have two beautiful babies and enjoy both of them for a little over three weeks which is much more than many families receive.

Patrick will forever be a part of our lives and will always be remembered for the cute and adorable son that he was. I am sure that he is watching over his sister as she continues to grow stronger and bigger every day.

Please continue to pray for Savannah's health as well as for Patrick's eternal peace.

Below is one of the last pictures that we took of Patrick. One of his nurses suggested that we bring in a stocking to put him in and take a picture. The end result is below. He is so BEAUTIFUL.


The Knisley's said...

Dear April & Patrick,
My heart aches so much for you both. I cannot begin to imagine what you are all going through, but please know that John and I are praying so very deeply for your sweet family. May Heavenly Father envelop you both in his arms and may his peace bring you both comfort in this extremely difficult time. We love you and your family is in our constant thoughts.
Love, John and Faye

LuvMyKiddos3 said...

Dear Patrick and April-
I am so very sorry to hear that Patrick is not with us on earth anymore. However, I am greatly comforted that he is safe and sound in Heaven, free of all pain and suffering and the limits of an earthly body. I once heard something that has been brought back to my memory many times. A couple received the news that the baby the woman was carrying had a fatal condition and would die immediately after birth. They were strongly encouraged to abort the baby. After much prayer, they decided not to abort and to give the baby all the days he was supposed to have. At the funeral, the pastor told the parents that God *knew* they would allow the little baby to have his full amount of time on earth, and that is why He blessed them with that particular angel. I believe the same is true for you two. You have the best interest of your babies at heart, and therefore God could give you sweet Patrick and strong Savannah. I am praying for comfort, peace, and strength during this difficult time for both of you.

Much love and prayers,
Ruth Anne in Oregon

Meisenbach Twins said...

Dear Patrick and April,

My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family today. I know your little Doodlebug is sitting on his little sister shoulder as her angel keeping her safe. If there is anything my family can do for you please dont hasiate to ask. You are on are prayer list at chruch. God Bless you, April, and Savanah at this time. And may Savanah grow stronger everyday.

Lots of Love,

slightly50 said...

Dear April & Patrick,

What are the words? There are no words. Please just know that you are in our thoughts.

The Whitsons
Rita B

five_zs said...

April and Patrick,
We are so sorry...there are no words. Your family is on our prayers.
The Zurawski's

Cindy said...

April and Patrick, You have my deepest sympathy and are in my prayers. I am so sorry. Cindy P.