Sunday, December 21, 2008

Recent Pictures of Savannah

Savannah coming home after graduating from the NICU on 12/10/2008!!

Savannah hanging out on her changing table on 12/14/2008!

Savannah wearing pants for the first time on 12/16/2008!


Miss Sue said...

Praise God !!!!! You can see the difference in Savannah... she is growing like a little weed now. Good milk Mommy!!!!!! Keep enjoying every day , the little things mean so much.
Love you al;l, Miss Sue

LuvMyKiddos3 said...

Oh, Patrick and April... I am so happy for you. Savannah is more beautiful than words can express. What a treasure. I'm glad things are going well, and wish a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ruth Anne in Oregon

The Knisley's said...

What a perfect Christmas gift to you guys!! I'm so happy she is home!!