Friday, November 27, 2009


Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving (this was Savannah's first Thanksgiving AT HOME) with our family. We were able to celebrate the day with my family first and then we headed to Patrick's parents house for another celebration. All of Patrick's siblings came home for Thanksgiving this year, what a treat it was to have everyone together again. The last time we all were together was for little Patrick's memorial service last December.

As we reflect over the past year and all of the ups and downs, we still have so much to be thankful for. Here is an abbreviated list of what I am thankful for:

For a loving God.

The love and support that we have received and continue to receive.

That people still remember little Patrick and aren't afraid to talk about him.

A loving and supportive husband.

For a healthy and beautiful little girl.

That I am able to stay home with Savannah.

Dear friends.

Supportive and loving parents and in-laws.

Our extended family.

The food on our table.

Patrick's job.

Our neighbors.

Our home.

Of course this list could go on and on, but I hope everyone knows how thankful we are.

The next couple of days will be very emotional for us as these were the last days we had little Patrick on Earth with us. Please keep us and little Patrick in your thoughts and prayers over the next few days. Monday November 30th will be little Patrick's one year angel-versary, so if you feel inclined to release a balloon or light a candle on this day please do so in memory of our brave little boy.

Love to you all,


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