Monday, November 2, 2009

Savannah's first Halloween, and other items too.

Well, Halloween just passed and Savannah was a pumpkin. Ever since I can remember, I have called Savannah "my little munchkin, my little pumpkin" so it seemed fitting to have her dressed up as a pumpkin for Halloween. It especially made sense when I found the costume at a consignment shop for $5.50. :)) We had a little get together at our house and enjoyed seeing Savannah and her cousins dressed up and to see the other little ones that were out trick or treating. Savannah was not afraid of any of the costumes, even the one my cousin-in-law (who is 36 mind you) wore, you will see the huge monster in the pictures I post. My dad carried Savannah around the neighborhood with the bigger kids as they trick or treated and apparently she loved being out and about, she did not fuss nor was she scared over the array of costumes...such a big girl.

The past few weeks have been spectacular, Savannah has changed so much just in a few weeks. I will try to recap some of these changes for you.

She started clapping, which is adorable and every chance we get we ask her to clap...she is so proud of herself. In fact, she started clapping on Patrick's birthday which was fitting.

As of today I felt a tooth or two coming in on the bottom and I believe I see a couple coming in on the top...this will explain some of her fussy moments recently. I can't even begin to imagine how it must feel to cut teeth.

Savannah also started pulling herself up (on everything I must add) and she is so confident of her strength and ability that she even lets go which in turn has caused her to take a couple of spills and she even got her first bruise. Of course, I try to stay behind her as much as possible so I can catch her when she falls.

As you know, November 6th will be Savannah's first birthday and we are in party planning mode at the moment. We are having a party on Saturday the 7th and to celebrate the actual day of her birthday we are driving out to the beach, which will be Savannah's first time at the beach. We cannot believe it has been a year since our babies were feels like yesterday that I was still in the hospital....time sure does fly.

This past year has been a roller coaster of emotions for us, but we are so blessed to have Savannah and celebrate everyday that we have with her. I am sure the next few weeks will be very emotional for us, but we will rely on eachother and God to get us through these challenging time. We miss little Patrick terribly but know that we will see him again one day. It is difficult to explain how one feels when they lose a child, but it is so important to us that we (and you) remember little Patrick because his life was so meaningful and to not remember would break my heart.

If you could keep us in your prayers over the next few weeks, we would greatly appreciate it.


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