Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weeks 1-10

I am going to recap some important dates and events that took place over the first 10 weeks.

April 20, 2008--The embryo transfer took place and we transferred two embryos. At this point, the wait began. We had to wait two weeks to find out if the transfer was successful.

May 5, 2008--We went to the doctors office and they performed a blood test that confirmed that April was pregnant. We feel so blessed that this procedure was successful on the first try. HOORAY! At this time, the doctors could not tell us if April was carrying one baby or two, but at least we were pregnant. Her Beta results were 827. These numbers should double every few days so hopefully they do.

May 8, 2008--Beta levels are sky high, they increased from 827 to 3297. Maybe we are having triplets:)

May 12, 2008--Another big increase in the Beta levels as they increased from 3297-11286.

May 17--Our first big scare took place on this day. April had some major discomfort and experienced some bleeding on Saturday afternoon so we headed to the emergency room to make sure that everything was OK. After sitting at UCH for nearly 8 hours, a doctor finally saw us and performed a sonogram on April to attempt to find the source of the bleeding. The bleeding was found to be a subchorionic hemorrhage which is like a small blood clot. More importantily, the sonogram informed us that April was acutally carrying two babies with heart rates of 117 and 118 and a Beta level of 38149.

May 19, 2008--Happy Birthday to the Mother to Be!!!

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