Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Fun Begins (Bed Rest & Magnesum Sulfate)

After our trip to South Carolina, April had a standard OB appointment for her monthly checkup on Tuesday, August 26.

During the sonogram, the doctor determined that April's cervix had shortened in the two weeks since our last appointment. The doctor was not overly concerned, however, did inform April that she would need to be placed on bed rest at home for a week and then come back for a follow up appointment.

Two days later on Thursday, August 28 (21 weeks into the pregnancy), April felt some discomfort and some pressure so her mom drove her to the doctors office to investigate. The doctor's office performed another sonogram and discovered that her cervix had shortened more in just two days. After consulting with our specialist it was decided that April would head to the hospital for further evaluation.

Upon arrival at the hospital, April was placed on a monitor which detected contractions and resulted in her being admitted to the hospital due to pre-term labor. April was taken to a Labor and Delivery Room and hooked up to an IV that would adminster Magnesum Sulfate in hopes of stopping the contractions.

The medicine worked, however, it took a toll on April as it is very strong medicine and she was on it for 24 hours. After spending 3 days in labor and delivery, April was transferred upstairs to room 317 for additional monitoring in the high risk OB unit.

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