Monday, April 13, 2009

Savannah's first Easter

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter celebration, we certainly did. We attended Church as a family for the first time, what a glorious day to introduce Savannah to our Church. I was a little nervous as to how Savannah's first Catholic mass would never know with a 5 month old. We decided it would be best to attend the 7:30AM mass since this is a little early for most people. We got there around 7:05 and so did Patrick's parents, we found a pew that would accommodate the 4 adults and Savannah in her car seat. Patrick sat on the outside and Savannah was between us, we needed to make sure we could get out fast just in case. Upon arriving Savannah was fast asleep in her car seat, however she did wake up about 15 minutes into the service. Before mass started Patrick and I noticed her pediatrician, Dr. Yee, walk in...we were nervous not knowing if we really should have brought her due to all the people...remember she has been on lock down. Anyways, about half-way through the mass Savannah started to get fidgety in her car seat so I decided to hold her. She was a good baby and never made a peep:) She was all smiles and just a very happy baby. I took her up with me when I went to receive communion and she received a blessing at that time. Right after communion Father Ken called all the children up to receive a special blessing so I took her up to the altar and she had Holy water sprinkled on her and was was very special. After the mass was over a lady a couple rows behind us told us we had the "best behaved baby and we should be proud of her". I agreed with this kind woman and told her we are very blessed to have Savannah. As we were walking out Dr. Yee spotted us and smiled our way. We told Dr. Yee this was Savannah's first time at Church and that we were nervous if he would approve of this. Dr. Yee told us this was not a problem since Savannah is doing so well....of course this made us happy.

Below is a link with pictures from Easter day.

Love to all,

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