Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where's "Savannah"?

Per the title, please see the following picture. We decided to put Savannah in her crib with all of her stuffed animals and this is the outcome....too cute.

We had a wonderful week and week-end as Patrick's brother Chris and his wife Laurie and their son Aidan (16 months) were in town for a visit...Aidan is so cute and is getting so big. Patrick and I also managed to get some things done around the house. Chris and Patrick hung our dining room light and our dining room furniture arrived on Wednesday. Patrick and I hung some pictures so our house is finally starting to feel like OUR home. Savannah had a follow up eye appointment on Thursday the 12th and all is well. Apparently pre-mature babies need to have their eyes checked to ensure that the blood vessels are developing properly. This was Savannah's third eye check, once in the NICU then again this past December and then this week. She will go back 6 months from now, but I was told that all is normal so no concerns.
Love to all,

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