Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Solid Weight Gain

Savannah had a very good appointment yesterday with the doctor and she gained a solid 6.5 ounces over the previous two weeks. She now weighs 7 Lb 10 Oz and the doctor is very pleased. The doctor still expressed concern about flu season and keeping her on lock down for a while longer. We hope that once spring time comes and she hits the 10-11 Lb mark we will be allowed some flexibility with who can actually hold her. She is almost four months old and April and I are the only ones that have touched her or held her. Thank you to our parents for being so understanding. This is a short term sacrifice that is very important.

We have also increased her feedings as of yesterday and she is now eating 3 Oz of milk per feeding instead of 2.5 Oz and she seems to be handling the increased amount with no problem. Savannah continues to grow on a daily basis and it is simply amazing how much fun and joy she brings to our lives. It is hard to fathom how someone so small can have such a big impact on us every day.

My cousin Wendy and her husband Ian are expecting the birth of their first child (a daughter) any day now so please keep them in your prayers.

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