Saturday, January 17, 2009

6+ Lbs & Pictures

Savannah had her third weigh in earlier this week and she gained 8 Oz since her last appointment two weeks ago so she now weighs 6 Lbs 6 Oz. It is nice to finally have her over the 6 Lb mark:). The doctor is pleased with her progress up to this point and we will be heading back in another two weeks for another weigh in. Savannah also received two shots at the appointment so she was pretty fussy the rest of the day which I can understand.

Saturday mornings are usually an opportunity for April to get out of the house and have some April time as well as some Starbucks which then leads to me having some Savannah time which is pretty fun. I just changed and fed Savannah about 30-45 minutes ago and she is now wrapped up and down for a nap. Who knows if she will actually go to sleep?

Also, in the last update I mentioned a house that April and I were interested in. Well, we did come to terms on a contract with the sellers and we will be closing in less than two weeks on January 30. It is exciting times for the Emrich household and we are looking forward to Savannah having her own little room.

Finally, I realize why everyone really comes to this blog and it is for the pictures and not the "articles" so here ya go......a few oldies but goodies.....

Sorry, I could not figure out how to turn this around.

Savannah in a cute little shirt!

Mommy and Savannah enjoying her first Christmas!

(Above) Savannah in a cute little outfit that is way too big for her!

(Below) Savannah in her "First Christmas" outfit!

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